Niterói, Prova Escrita, e Pedra da Gávea

Sinto muito! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, and a lot has happened in two weeks!

Starting with the weekend of January 14th…Lara, Rachel, Konner, and I decided to explore a little bit outside of Rio. One of my teachers lives in Niterói and talked so much about how beautiful it was that I really wanted to visit. We took the ferry across the bay and hopped on the tourist line bus. Little did we know, you had to sign up for a spot on the bus prior to getting on the bus. Fortunately, they took pity on the four gringos who obviously were having problems with the language. In our defense, no where online or near the bus station said anything about having to sign up early! Anyways, it was a fun little trip:

island, beach, and ship

Rachel, Konner, and Lara in front of the MAC




barro dos pescadores

Lara and I had some fun getting back home…but look for more on that story in my next post. After Niterói on Saturday, we spent Sunday on the beach just being lazy…when we should have been studying! We had our first prova escrita (written exam) on Thursday. My test wasn’t so bad, and I actually got to have a little fun with it. Our written assignment on the test was to create an end of the story of Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, the real life person on whom Indiana Jones was based. Friday we didn’t have school due to a national holiday for São Sebastião.

Since we had a three-day weekend, Konner, Rachel, Brian (guy in my class), and I went hiking. Our original plan on Friday was to hike up the Pedra da Gávea. We never made it there. Little did we know, we started off on the wrong side of the mountain. As we started up the mountain looking for the entrance to the trail, we periodically stopped and asked for directions to make sure we were going in the correct direction. Everyone we talked to assumed we wanted to go hang gliding even though we stressed we wanted to hike. After 40 odd minutes of walking up a very steep hill, we hopped on a bus which basically ended up being a roller coaster ride. Once we got off the bus, we discovered we were in the Floresta da Tijuca. Not where we wanted to be:

red arrow--where we wanted to be; yellow arrow--where we ended up (10+ km distance)

Since we were in the Tijuca Forest and a bajillion miles from where we wanted to be, we decided to hike through it anyways. The security guard at the gate to the park told us to hike to a beautiful lagoa where we could swim since it was so hot out. Once we got to the “beautiful lake” an hour later, we discovered it was barely even a pond. Talk about disappointment. So we just sat around and ate the lunch we packed before heading to the beach for an afternoon nap. We decided to try again on Saturday. When I woke up on Saturday, I was sore from hiking the day before…bad indication for what was to come. I met up with Konner and Rachel and we headed to the correct side of the mountain to begin our journey. People on the Internet said the hike would take around 2 hours. It took us 3.5 hours. I thought I was going to die. It was one of the hottest days we’ve had, so I poured sweat all day. My legs were so tired from the day before that they started shaking halfway up the mountain, and most of the hike was made up of steep stairs! Ah! It got easier once we hit the rock climbing part, believe it or not. The rocks we climbed were the kind of rocks my parents would yell at me for even thinking about climbing when we were hiking haha. The Pedra da Gávea was awesome. The actual rock has a legit face. So cool! The summit, however, wasn’t so cool. It was scorching hot. We ate our lunch, took some pictures, then headed back down the mountain. Here’s where the trip gets funny. Since the trail is so steep, it’s terribly hard to just walk down. So, we ran down. And had to stop several times because Rachel and I kept laughing at the way Konner ran down the mountain. He literally would take three leaps and disappear from view. At one point, Rachel brought out the “seal laugh” because Konner, running over a slightly flatter area, apparently looked like a faun from Narnia running through the sun rays in the forest. It was absolutely hysterical! The trip down the mountain only took an hour and 45 minutes. Overall, a 10 hour trip (including lunch). It was a fantastic adventure and completely worth the exhaustion and pain:

Konner, me, and Rachel

view from the top: São Conrado










rock climbing!

Pedra da Gávea











view from the side of the mountain

coolest picture I've taken so far











Sunday, I woke up and could barely even roll over. Monday wasn’t much better. I was so sore from the hike, but the experience was worth the pain. I gave my oral presentation on o estado do Ceará on Monday; it went alright, but could’ve been better. The only other exciting news this week was the building collapsing in centro. Today (Friday) Lara and I went to Uruguaiana to shop and walked by the collapse site. There were so many people taking pictures, clean up crews with garbage trucks, and news groups with their vans. Other than that, the focus is on our final test and oral exam next week. Can’t believe we only have a week left of school. Tomorrow we have another school sponsored field trip to Petropolis, the imperial city. We still haven’t visited the Cristo Redentor yet, but we’re definitely going soon!

I apologize if I was scattered brain during this post and just rambled. Definitely just woke up from a nap. I’ll put up my ônibus blog tomorrow or Sunday. OH, and sorry I keep changing the appearance of my blog. I’m a little ADD and still can’t decide which format I like most. Until next time! Até próximo!

Abraços e beijos!


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  1. more pictures!!! btw this format is the best you’ve had yet-keep this one

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