Exploring different types of rocks

Last weekend, PUC offered another school sponsored field trip to Petrópolis, aka City of Rocks and the capital of imperial Brazil. It rained all weekend, so we spent the day walking around in the rain in Petrópolis. As we drove to Petrópolis, the mountains were very cloudy and misty due to the rain. It seriously looked like the Misty Mountains from Lord of the Rings! We explored the cathedral and the home of Santos Dumont, who Brazilians claim was the first person to fly, not the Wright brothers. During our free time before lunch, we found a park and ran around the playground as if we were six year olds. Lunch was the best part of they day. We ate at an all-you-can-eat buffet for R$25 (little bit more than $12). The food was so delicious so of course I basically stuffed my face. The funniest part of lunch was when Rachel and I discovered that the “lasagna” didn’t actually have noodles. Just cheese and ham…which was hysterical. We started laughing and couldn’t stop, and Rachel’s “seal laugh” came out. The other people in our group kept looking at us because they couldn’t figure out why we were laugh, but we couldn’t stop laughing long enough to explain why we were dying of laughter. It was so much fun! Then we got to explore one of the summer palaces. In order to preserves the floor of the palace, we were required to wear slippers over our shoes. I think they just don’t want to pay to have someone clean the floors, so they make us do it haha. Jk. It was an impressive sight, but, unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to share since we weren’t allowed to take our bags or cameras inside.

inside the Catedral

awkward slippers for the Palace










these ladies cook some wonderful acarajé

because Santos Dumont was the first to fly











Once we returned to Rio, I honestly was so tired I did nothing but sleep the rest of the weekend. Sunday, I managed to make myself get out of bed to explore the Hippie Fair in Ipanema. So glad I did. The Hippie Fair was so cool; it’s the place where all the handmade, artisan goods are sold. Also, the food is incredible: the acarajé and an assortment of desserts were superb. I’m definitely going back tomorrow! After wandering around the fair, I eventually went back home and slept some more. This past week was our last week of school so I had to study for my final prova escrita and the prova oral (final written exam and oral exam) on Wednesday and Thursday. They both went very well!

But before the tests, I went to the Federal Police on Tuesday to register with them so they’d know I was living in Brazil for six months. It’s required of all international students. After a little morning drama of losing paperwork and finding out that things are much simpler than people make them, our group of about 20 students arrived at the airport around 9:30am. My appointment was scheduled for 11 which turned into 12:30 with the congestion in the office. The lady who processed my paperwork was so mean! The DMV can’t even hold a candle to the people at the Federal Police. This one particular lady obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning…and the week before apparently since one of my friends had warned me about her previously. A Chilean student and I went sent to this woman at the same time. The woman started with the Chilean first, and things went downhill quickly. From what I could understand, the people in immigration didn’t stamp the Chilean girl’s passport when she arrived in the country, and therefore her visa wasn’t valid so the woman refused to process the girl’s paperwork. The angry woman kept demanding an explanation for why the passport wasn’t stamped, but, I mean come on, how’s the girl supposed to know that?! It’s not like she was the one stamping her own passport. Then the federal police lady said the only option the Chilean girl had was to leave the country then reenter  and have her passport stamped correctly. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Why in the world should this girl have to pay for the mistakes of someone else who didn’t do their job correctly?! Then the lady turned to me to demand my paperwork (which I had set out in nice, neat piles) and snapped out orders in rapid Portuguese and glared the whole time. She needs to take a chill pill or find a job that she actually likes. For example, one that doesn’t involve interacting with people! Jeez. On the ride back to campus, we squished 18 people in a 10-person van haha. It was a lot of fun after the stressful encounter with that woman. Wednesday night, after our written exam, we went to a Flamengo game, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Espero que tudo é ótimo com todo mundo!  Hope everything is great with everyone!

Abraços e beijos!


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  1. Your description of the nice woman at the federal police reminds me strongly of “Umbridge” in Harry Potter. Nice one!
    Here is my blog if you are interested:
    and I link your Blog on my Blog

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