Let me take you to Rio

My last weekend in Rio was an absolute blast! We made to hit the last couple huge touristy points and even a could less touristy sites. Thursday after our oral exams, we hit up the Big Ben Pub to experience some Rio-styled karaoke. It was basically a small British pub in the middle of Botafogo. Since there wasn’t a ton of seating, we managed to squish about 15 people around a small table in the corner. The band had a book with the list of songs they would/could play and when it was your turn, they’d hand you to book that had the lyrics for your song. So we flipped through the “red book” for quite some time before we started picking songs we wanted to sing. Rachel and I found “Proud Mary” and were completely ecstatic about singing it, but the band didn’t have they lyrics for that particular song. It was so depressing. Instead we sang “I Will Survive” hahaha! Rachel, Victoria, Lara and I all got up on stage to sing it, and my voice kept going out because I was basically screaming into the mic. I even threw in a few of the dance moves Renée (my sister, for those of you who don’t know) and I made up to accompany the song. A group of our guys got up and sang “She Loves You” and we cheered them on. Then we decided it was a great idea to get up and sing “Rehab.” Problems arose once we realized no one knew the song other than the chorus, so we’d mumbled through the versus and belted the parts we knew…it was a tiny bit of a failure not gonna lie…

some of the girls

rockin' out








Friday, I slept all day to recover from the night before and to recharge for that night…Lapa! So everyone know Brazilians love their music and dance, and Lapa is one of the best places to experience different types of music all, and I mean ALL, night long. It’s basically one ginormous street party. (For those of you who have seen the Breaking Dawn movie, the scene where they stop in Brazil and start dancing in the street…yeah that’s Lapa.) We met up in the Metro around 1130-ish and made our way to the biggest party on a Friday night. Midnight is pretty early for Lapa, so the streets weren’t that full but there were still quite a few people. We grabbed some caipirinhas and started to explore. There was music everywhere! One of my favorite groups were crowed under one of the arches of the aqueduct just singing and dancing the night away. The mood is so contagious you can’t help but start to dance a little yourself, even if you don’t know the steps to samba. After being creeped on by a couple guys, we found a larger group of PUC students and used our numbers to hide. Then we went into a funky club since the cover was free for girls. It was packed. There was at least a 10 degree temperature difference between the last couple steps and the dance floor. We huddle in our little group and started dancing. Within seconds, we were all soaked with sweat. But it really was a ton of fun. Once we left there, we went back out to wander through the streets, grab some more caipirinhas, listen to music, and snack on some x-tudos. This particular snack is basically a burger with everything from egg, bacon, onion, mushroom, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cheese, beef, and an assortment of other toppings on it. Absolutely delicious! Around 4ish we started getting tired so we flagged down a cab and I made it back to my bed by 5…I think. It was a long night but an incredible amount of fun. I really wish I had gone there earlier in the month so I could’ve gone back a couple times!


dancing under the arch










fire hazard (inside the club)

view of the street








Saturday was another sleepy day…and I did nothing but sleep haha.

Sunday, we finally visited the Cristo Redentor on the Corcovado! We could’ve done another hike up the Corcovado, but we decided to take the train instead. Once we got to where the train started, we found out we had about a two hour wait before we could go up the mountain. So we ended up taking a smaller bus up. It was such a fun ride: our driver started singing and he zoomed up the winding road. It was like being on a roller coaster haha. One we got up the mountain, we had to buy another ticket to get on the bus that took us to the monument itself. As we were standing in line to climb the last bit, two bikers passed up…these guys biked up the mountain. Ridiculous and I was highly impressed by their athleticism and commitment. The Cristo Redentor really was an impressive site. The most common picture taken was by someone lying on the ground capturing someone else in front of the statue with their arms outstretched like the Cristo. The top of the mountain also provided some incredible photos of the sweeping landscape. It was an opportunity to see how far Rio really spreads. After taking a gazillion pictures, we headed back down the mountain. On our way home, the bus passed by a bloco, which is a giant block party and key feature of Carnaval. So many people were squished on the streets, some wearing the most outlandish costumes I’ve ever seen. Since it was Superbowl Sunday, and we were Americans in Rio, we scoped about a bar called Blue Agavé to cheer on our favorite teams. After the Giants won (yay!) we started talking to this Carioca who noticed my Ole Miss tshirt and consequentially pointed and screamed “Manning Land!”

for some perspective


gotta get a little artsy

the Cristo Redentor


the girls

sprawling city








the Lagoa

the Maracanã








Monday, we made one last trip to Uruguiana and spent the rest of the day packing. A month really flew by, and now that I was leaving Rio, I wanted to stay forever. Rio is a unique city and I hope I can return for an extended amount of time some time soon. (Hopefully that’ll be around the summer after I graduate…aka World Cup 2014!)

O próximo blog vai ser sobre Fortaleza! The next blog will be about Fortaleza!

Abraços e beijos!


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