Staying connected with home

Well I survived my first week of tests which means I’m back to catching up on my blog! This one’s a short post, but get ready for some hilarious stories in the next one. 

About a month ago (how do I always end up a month behind…ugh) Dr. Cris and Dr. Cawfield and his wife came to visit for their spring break. At this point I was completely blown away by the fact that Ole Miss was already having spring break and I was still in my first month of school. As weird as it was, it was really good to see them. They came to Brazil to check up on Konner, Rachel, Lara and myself to make sure everything was going well, see what advice we could pass on to the students being selected for next year and talk about little details that would make life easier for the new students. Monday afternoon (we’re talking March 12 if I remember correctly) Lara and I sat in the grad student office and talked for about 3ish hours if not more. We regaled them with all our crazy bus stories, our chaotic first few days and just how much we were loving life in Brazil. I ended up skipping class to talk with them but it was completely worth it in my opinion haha. Tuesday night we went out to dinner at a pizza place in the Dragão do Mar, which is basically the culture, tourist center of the city. The pizza there was really good AND they had a giant screen showing Champions League games. I definitely found where I’ll be watching the final in May!

The professors came to visit Lara and me first. Wednesday they left for Rio to see how Konner and Rachel were getting along in Rio. I owe huge thanks for Dr. Cris for dragging a bag of goodies for me from my parents all the way from Mississippi. My mom definitely went a little over board with what I asked her to send haha but I still appreciated it to the max! One of the best things about seeing Dr. Cris and Dr. Cawfield was the connection to home that they represented. It was just really nice to sit down and chat with people from home. It was like the 4000 miles between Oxford and Fortaleza didn’t really exist while the professors were with us. Usually Skype, Facebook, Twitter and email do a pretty good job of minimizing the distance but it’s not the same as seeing someone from home in person.


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