Snaps is the name of the game, the name of the game is snaps

This past Wednesday, we had another unending torrential downpour. It’s been a while since we’ve had that much rain. Part of me wants to explain to y’all how rain down here works since that’s what I’ve been learning about in my climatology class but yeah…maybe not. Anyways, I ended up leaving the apartment after Lara (even though we usually leave together) and it took way longer than usual to get to school. I stood in the rain for about 20 minutes waiting on the stupid bus to come and of course the rain decided to pour hard and from every direction possible. I felt like Forrest Gump when the rain in the movie comes straight down, from the side, and even up from the bottom. I swear at one point the rain was coming at me from both the left and the right. It didn’t help when the idiots all nice and dry in their cars would speed through the puddles overlapping the sidewalk and the road causing everyone at the bus stop to run back to escape the resulting tidal waves. Once the bus finally arrived, it moved at a glacial pace. Considering the traffic we had, or lack thereof, the trip should’ve been about 30 minutes if not shorter. It took almost an hour because the driver was going to slowly!

Then I got to campus and noticed something was off. Everyone was standing outside their classrooms just chillaxing instead of being in class. When I got to the lab, I found out that the electricity was out. The lab kids and I just sat there for about an hour twiddling our thumbs and talking until someone got bored enough to suggest a game. The rainy day games of choice were all word games. The first game we played was basically Scategories. I don’t really know how else to explain it haha. Our categories were name, place, object, fruit, animal, car type, body part, and chemical element (yes, we are a bunch of science nerds). Then Ishmael looked and me and said I was only allowed to write in Portuguese. I started laughing hysterically because I’ve never learned the parts of the body, the only fruits I know are apple, papaya and mango, and the only animals I know are cat and dog. They tried to give me a quick run down on the parts of the body by singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” and I just sat there laughing until they relented and said I could write in English if I needed to. Regis was hilarious and the most outspoken during the game. I couldn’t tell whether he or Ishmael won because they kept trying to yell over each other once we finished. Needless to say, I ended up losing pretty badly since I was trying to write as much as I knew in Portuguese, but the game did proved to be a pretty good vocab lesson for me haha.

The next game was basically Catchphrase, but no timer and you were only allowed to say one word as a description of the word your pattern had to guess. Ishmael was my partner since he speaks the most English. Regis laid out the difficulty levels of the words as beginner, medium, hard, and challenge accepted. It’s so funny whenever any of the lab kids use an English phrase because after they say it, they always look at me really quickly to see if I’ll say anything about it. I was much better at this game that the first. I think they called it Dica (short for indicar aka indicate). It was a fun morning and, when the electricity finally came on around noon, everyone cheered.

The Redbull Flugtag competition is this weekend!! I’ll post pictures and stories next week. Should be fun!

Até próximo! Abraços!


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