Thank you Cee Lo for putting it so eloquently

Last week was pretty uneventful and normal: continuing talk of the impending greve(aka strike) among the teachers at UFC, last minute assignments and tests in all classes, and the US men’s team capitulating against Brazil in a depressing 4-1 loss. All of my professors are attempting to squish as much as they can into the next two weeks since talk of strike is stirring. If no resolution occurs, we’re looking at the strike happening in about 2-3 weeks. Yippee. Awesome how they match it up with the end of the semester, right? As a result, I now have a report due this Friday, two tests next Friday, another test the following Friday, and a presentation in my Brazilian Culture class at some point in time. Wednesday night around 8pmish, Lara and I returned to our soccer-watching venue all pumped up and excited for a promising performance from the Yanks following their incredible obliteration of the Scotland national team last Saturday. About two hours later, the score stands 4-1 Brazil and I’m sitting on the bar stool with my USA scarf wrapped around my head yelling at the Brazilian who keeps laughing and insisting that the Seleção needs another goal. Thursday and Friday were much better for lifting my depression. I even met two students from UGA who are here with their anthropology teacher for the summer! Saturday night I got to watch a little of Argentina rolling over Ecuador. I almost wrote this post afterwards out of sheer boredom but figured I’d wait till after the USA-Canada game. It’s like the universe was trying to tell me to wait for a bigger story to come along. Like being robbed at the beach.

pre-game excitement

One of the wonderful things about our location in Fortaleza is the fact that the beach is literally one block away. Very convenient. Now, both Lara and I have extensive experience abroad and we know it’s better to travel in groups. Since we’ve been here in Brazil, we’ve been warned several times by everybody to be wary and alert for people trying to steal our purses and stuff. When I was in Rio, my host mom was out walking her dog and this kid rode by on a bike and snatched her purse off her shoulder. Sunday was our beach day for the weekend. We went out in the morning for a couple hours then headed back in for lunch and sunscreen reapplication. Then we went back out for another couple hours. It was super crowded; we had figured out that Sunday tends to be beach day for all of Fortaleza. A little over an hour of sun being there, a group of adolescent boys came and sat down a couple meters away from us. I didn’t really think anything of it since everywhere was crowded and there weren’t a lot of places for a group of 10 to chill. Then suddenly, when I’m lying down half-asleep, I hear someone run up and Lara screamed “NO!” I look up and this guy has my Guatemala purse in his hands and is trying to wrestle it from Lara’s grasp. I yelled something like “HEY!” (don’t really remember) and latched onto my purse as well and yanked as hard as I could. This brought the dude’s face close enough to mine so that we ended in a stare down. I’m fairly certain I had my death glare on but he wouldn’t relent. He kept trying to tell me to let go, which of course I wasn’t going to do. Then his little partner in crime ran up from behind us and yanked from the opposite direction causing both Lara and I to lose balance and my purse slipped through our fingers. I have never seen two men disappear as fast as these two did. What pissed me off the most was the crowd of people sitting around who just sat there and watched. They did nothing. I glared at the boys next to us until I realized they were probably friends with the two guys given their facial expressions.

The contents of my purse included R$5 in cash, my Ole Miss nalgene, my cheap sunglasses from Rio, my cell phone, and, most importantly, the key to our apartment which just happens to have our address written on it. We sat there on the beach for a couple minutes fuming and trying to process what had just happened. Some nice lady selling food and water gave us a water for free as a way of apologizing, I guess. Finally we got up and walked back to our apartment, making sure no one followed, praying the whole way back that the doormen would just happened to have an extra key. If we had been at Praia do Futuro, we would’ve been screwed without money to catch a bus back or our professor’s number memorized. Thankfully, the doormen had a bucket of unmarked keys, one of which fit our door.

Once we were back inside I sat there and fumed for the next few hours. I’m still angry. I was never scared, didn’t even think of the possibility that they might’ve been armed, just severely pissed off. Now I just feel like Cee Lo puts it the best way possible:

André came later by after I emailed him and canceled our cell numbers for us and called someone to come today to change the lock on our door yesterday morning. They never actually showed up, so we slept with the couch against the door again. They finally showed up this morning and changed the lock for us!

Also, it’s starting to look like the possibility of a strike is more and more likely, so I’ll cover that in my next post.

Tchau pessoal!


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  1. Funny that you mentioned this song. I am listening to it quase every day since I am in Rio. Bjs

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