Last minute chaos

With officially one month left to go, apparently Brazil decided I needed to cram in a few more exciting experiences before I head back home. First the beach incident on Sunday and now a greve (aka the strike) at school. Last semester when I was working on turning in all my paperwork for the university, my study abroad advisor Kerollyne pushed me to get everything in as soon as possible in case of a strike, since UFC is a public university. Well in the past couple months there have been stirrings of strike talk. There were a couple assemblias where the professors and other university faculty met to discuss their demands. Apparently they weren’t satisfied.

Then a couple weeks ago the students in my classes started talking about the greater possibility that the strike would actually happen. Most of my professors were quite nonchalant about it, but started to rearrange the material for the rest of the year just incase the strike occurred. This week, the strike seems an almost certainty. In my Brazilian culture class on Monday, we talked about telenovelas for about 30 minutes then got completely off track and discussed the impending strike. A couple students were surprised to learn that it was the whole campus, not specific departments. From what I could understand and how my other professors have reacted, the meeting the professors had yesterday didn’t resolve their problems and the strike will more than likely start next Friday, June 15.

As a result, all my professors push all the due dates up. I now have tests in climatology, environmental health and water treatment, a presentation in culture, extra classes in environmental health, and I have no idea if I still have the projects due in climatology. My test in climatology at first was non-existent. Then the teacher decided since a majority if the class just quit coming to class in the past few weeks that we would have the test. Now the test date is getting moved up to accommodate the strike. So suddenly, I’ve gone from have a moderate amount of work for a month to being swamped with writing and studying in order to accomplish everything in two weeks! In the discussion we had in my culture class, my professor said something about the strike lasting till September if nothing is resolved. Seriously?! So I might finish school a couple weeks early, but my grades won’t get turned into Ole Miss until who knows when. It is just chaos and everyone only has snippets of details rather than the whole picture. So I’ll keep y’all updated and hopefully everything turns out well.

Até próximo! Abraços!


~ by dfsg1991 on June 6, 2012.

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