Update: blogging is a fantastic procrastination tool

The strike is on! The Teachers’ Union of the Universidades Federais do Estado do Ceará voted Monday to go on strike by a vote of 883 to 379 (for more information open GoogleChrome, go to http://www.adufc.org.br, and translate the webpage into English, unless you read Portuguese). I found out yesterday that UFC is one of the last schools to go on strike for an indefinite amount of time. So far 50 of 58 universities are paralyzed, and some have been on strike for 2 to 3 months! I really don’t know what we would’ve done if UFC had gone on strike that early…

For me, this means the rest of my semester has been squished from three weeks into one, kinda like an accordion. So far I’ve had two tests (Climatology and Environmental Health) and one more still to go on Friday (Wastewater Treatment). I still have to talk with my Brazilian culture professor to figure when and where I’m giving my presentation and just how I’m going to get another grade for her class. On top of studying for all these tests, I also have two group projects reviewing the latest IPCC report and the connection between climate and civilization collapse, a 10-page group paper analyzing the latest legislation on water and wastewater treatment, and an individual project analyzing climate indices to finish. It’s only Wednesday morning and my brain is dead tired. My mantra/theme song for the week: 

Thankfully my group members for the projects have been super helpful with organizing the group projects so all I have to do is write and send them my work. I’ve gotten to the point in my work that I can no longer tell the difference between English and Portuguese when I’m reading. While it is kinda cool and slightly helpful, it wears my brain out and I’m usually left staring at my computer screen for five minutes trying to decipher one sentence. I’ve developed some new procrastination habits to deal with my brain exhaustion, such as blogging! The Euros also offer a nice 2-4 hour break haha. So far, I’ve managed to catch a few games like GERvsPOR,  ENGvsFRA, and both Group A games yesterday, but I disappointed I won’t be able to watch the Netherlands take on Germany. The International Bar, where Lara and I watched the Champions League Final and the USAvsBrazil game, has a whole special set up for the Euros. We found out on Saturday that the guy who owns it and most of the people that work there are Dutch so the whole joint is decked out in orange. It would be so much fun to watch the Dutch-German game there this afternoon, but alas I have class. Speaking of which, I need to get back to work.


(ps. USMNT and Guatemala drew 1-1 in last night’s qualifier. Frustrating game, but I greatly appreciated my dad texting me regular updates from the game which was PPV only.)


~ by dfsg1991 on June 13, 2012.

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